The More Things Change

I was amazed to see that I haven’t put anything here in almost two years.  Work got busy, then the world got busy, and I’m still not sure what happened to 2016 as I see 2017 just around the corner.

Our nephew visited for most of the summer again in 2015.  We had a lot of fun with him.

We went up north in July 2015, as we have every year for the last few years.

We had a Nurse Practitioner open an outpatient practice through our office briefly, but it turned out our structure wasn’t quite right for her and she has since moved on.

We lost some friends and loved ones, and and celebrated their lives in August, September, and October.

Two kittens joined our family in November.  They remain quite delightful.

We home schooled again last year and are still deciding on this year.  We’ll be looking at a charter school near our house this Friday to consider for this year or next, depending on if we like what we see and if they have openings for this year.

My back blew up in December (literally; my bad disc burst and disc material filled my spinal canal and nerve pathways, completely compressing my spinal cord and nerves; I got to spend my birthday in the ER and still don’t have all the feeling back in both legs), there was an emergency surgery, there were minor complications requiring another hospitalization, there were several months of clinic follow-ups 1-2 times/week, there was physical therapy twice a week, then my kidneys went batsh*t crazy, there was another emergency surgery, there was a little kidney failure, there was a short hospitalization, then I was stable enough to go home and get scheduled to finish the surgery that had to be stopped before, then there was that surgery, now there are lots of scans and tests – and so the first several months of the year are a bit of a blur.  I still have regular PT for my back and still have regular scans, labs, and follow-ups for my kidneys (because they seem to be fine now, but no one knows why they got the way they did or why they’re ok now).  I  was on leave until early April, was cleared to start going back in a couple of hours a week, worked all of two days, then had to go back on leave again until almost the middle of May.  I can work my way up to full time hours toward the end of the year, back permitting.

We went to New Orleans in June with my parents and a friend of our family’s (we’d planned this two years ago).  We drove and it was pretty rough on my back, but not as bad as expected.  We stopped a lot so I wasn’t sitting long periods and I spent time lying down doing my PT exercises every time we stopped.  We all had fun.

We again on our annual trip up north the first week of July – and got stuck there for a few extra days when our car broke down and the repair shop had a communication error that caused them to not actually start fixing our car until they’d had it for almost five days (they gave us permission to take their rental car home, then sent a driver down with our car when it was done and waived the rental fee; I wasn’t happy about the delay, but they made it right and we’d definitely use them again).

X is taller than I am and we’re celebrating lots of birthdays this month.

I have managed to put some things in my Etsy store and am hoping to get more things listed soon.

I didn’t do much of a garden this year, but bought a couple of plants in June and stuck some seeds in the ground late July.  We have some beans, herbs, summer and winter squash, tomatoes, kale, watermelons, potatoes, and sunflowers.  Our raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and rhubarb did beautifully on their own this year.  Our peaches, cherries, and apples were a little lighter, but not surprisingly so.  We had several greens and herbs that self-seeded last year surprise us this year.  It’s been so hot, rainy, and humid that I haven’t had to do much for the garden myself, and we still have lovely produce and greenery.  This has been nice, since I had thought there wouldn’t be a garden at all this year.  The rain has caused our yard to need more mowing than usual and the garden has enjoyed the abundance of clippings.

The critters are critters.

It’s time for bed.

And I still have scraps of paper taped to the wall by my desk.

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