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Geography Tuesday 002 – Algeria

October 15, 2013


Algeria!  I didn’t know much about Algeria other than what’s been in the news the last few years.  I learned some neat things – 91% of the population lives on 12% of the land mass, it’s the tenth largest country in the world, their presidents serve five-year terms, and on and on.  Sorry this one goes a little long – there was so much I wanted to say, and still so much I left out!  I’ve included links to a couple cool places to go for more information below the video.



Geography Tuesdays – An Introduction

October 8, 2013

A little later than planned – technical difficulties.  My computer suddenly lost its webcam for no apparent reason.

Yes, I will be getting a new map with brighter colors.  It might not be by next week, but it’s on my agenda.

Geography Tuesdays

October 1, 2013

I like maps. A lot. I like maps, I like globes, I like tracing the lines of currents and imagining where sea monsters might hide. I like seeing where other places are in relation to where “Home” is. The other day, I was studying a 2012 political map and then testing my memory with a blank map using the same projection, and I thought, “You know, there are several countries I often forget about when trying to name everything in some of these regions.” I then realized that for a lot of places, while I might know their names and which language they speak, I know very little about the country. I decided this needed to change, and so I have decided on Geography Tuesdays. I will spend my week learning about a country on our planet, then present some of what I’ve learned here (I’m thinking video, 5 minutes or less; we’ll see). I spent a couple of hours today making a spreadsheet of all the countries by continent (alphabetized, of course). Including the oceans, seas, and large bays, I count roughly 227 countries and waters to research for this project (enough to keep me busy for the next four years & three months [give or take] if I stick with it). I’m excited. Next week I’ll be starting with a basic overview of what we have and where it is, plus what I’ll be doing for the next 227 Tuesdays. After that, we dive right in to Africa and Algeria.